The Natural Man

We all know Mosiah 3:19. In general it talks about the natural man being contrary, or an enemy to God. But then it also talks about children, and how they, in their natural submissive state are one with God and willing to do all that he asks. This reiterates one of Christ’s teachings about becoming like a child.

In the words of Mosiah, the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been since the fall of Adam. But what is the natural man? And if children are born good and submissive, how can it be natural?

The answer to that is temptation. Children do not have temptation like adults do; temptations to be unfaithful, to commit adultery, to steal or kill. Their hearts are pure, and the only reason they do not remain that way is when they are trained by parents or by the world to accept truths that are not inherent in the Gospel.

These truths are not inherently false, but they are definitely misleading. Lets use drugs for an example. ‘Just once won’t hurt’ is a very common turn of phrase we can hear from friends and co-workers in our lives. Sure, on cigarette won’t give you cancer. One drink won’t get you in a car crash. So that phrase- ‘just once won’t hurt’ isn’t false, but it is misleading. It may not hurt, but it sets you off on a path to do more and worse things.

This is not meant to be a lecture on drug abuse or anything like that. What I mean is that being a ‘natural man’ isn’t natural at all. Whereas it may seem natural to go and do wrong, there is always an option, and you were born with a conscience. Follow what you believe to be right. Trust in God to tell you what is right. As you seek consistently for his guidance, your defenses against temptation will increase.

The stronger you get, the less power Satan will have over you. So make a choice. Decide today that you will be like a child; a child of God. Submit to the will of God in your life and let him lead you in safe roads. You are a beloved child of our Father in Heaven and he wants to help you. So accept the help. Work hard. It will not be easy, but you will feel so much better about your life when God is in it. Trust me, I have compared both sides.

I hope you all have a good day and make sure that you pray today to ask for help in your life. As you commune with God, his light will come into your life.

Live Strong.


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