What Do We Believe? The Articles of Faith

The Articles of Faith are the basic beliefs of the church as written by Joseph Smith, the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were composed as a part of a letter to John Wentworth, the editor of the Chicago Democrat, and were also published in the Mormon run newspaper Times and Seasons. They were meant to clarify points of doctrine that were very important to Christians of the era, like the gathering of Israel, interpretation of the bible, and other things pertaining to how we live out lives as faithful members.

Many points of doctrine are still important today. Many have asked me as a member things like- Why do you have a second bible ? (referring to the book of Mormon) or even how does your church claim to have priesthood when other church’s have been around for much longer?

The answer to these are explained in the Articles of Faith, including many other questions that were answered at the time. I will be writing separate blog posts for each article so that I can help you thoroughly understand and enjoy the principles taught.

When I have the blog for Article of Faith #1 up, the link to it will be here.



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